I am a TenTec guy, and have been for a long time. To be exact, I am partial to ANY actual made-in-USA electronics, especially audio. Since most of my ham career has been CW DXing, TenTec worked out nicely. I have very little patience for microphones (or macrophones, for that matter.)

The shack computer is now 100% Debian too, and I promised myself that, “if I can’t do it on Debian, it won’t get done.” This has so far resulted in CQRLog, and FLDigi of course.

I am in the middle of putting up new antennas. (This is always the case, as long as the temperature in Ohio is above 50 degrees.) I am exploring 6 meters for the first time ever. I also added an RX-320, simply because it’s Ten-Tec, and such a great value.

Last but not least, I ordered a HackRF Jawbreaker – which will become my “experimental” VHF receiver. I will keep you posted on how that is going.

What I use – in the shack
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