About 10 years ago, as soon as I got my first static IP, I started building Linux mail servers. I eventually ended up with qmail. This was before every conceivable “how-to” imaginable became available on the web – I copied all the configs, by hand, out of the O’Reilly book.

It ran for about two years, until I realized that it is kind of tough any more for an individual with limited resources to run their own. Now it’s almost a full-time job. After I was hammered by spam and bots, got blacklisted a few times, and tried to deal with SPF records and the like, I chalked it up to educational experiences, and went with a hoster.

So for the past 7 years I have been a CPanel guy. My hoster, whom I highly recommend, runs 100% Linux. “My server” is shared by who knows how many others, but it works great. After having tried all the alternatives, some for years at a time, I settled on WordPress for my webs. (I think everyone else did too.)

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just blogging software. I have used it for all sorts of small companies and organizations. Lately I have become a WordPress minimalist, as you can see. I also no longer do the stock Fantastico install, I just copy it in directly from the WordPress site. WordPress isn’t software, it’s a collection of scripts and stylesheets… so it works just fine when you plop it down on any web server.

I have also been building Debian VM’s, then doing a scratch install of WP, and using it is a company Intranet.

What I use – mail and web
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