“So,” you might ask, “what’s all this about a longwire?”

I named my web after it because the longwire, or random wire, is the antenna of choice for shortwave listening… which I did for 30 years or so. It is possibly the easiest antenna of all, and costs nearly nothing. However, despite what others may say, you can’t really transmit on it. You will find that it starts to work a lot better on transmit if you add a counterpoise – but then, it isn’t a longwire any more, it’s basically a bent dipole.

Unfortunately, shortwave listening is now about as practical and useful as building a steam engine. On the bright side, I can now hear pretty much any station on earth, in full fidelity, with no fading or noise, over Internet. I have a Logitech squeezebox, but this is rapidly-changing technology. Something better is always just around the corner.

the longwire
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